Innovating, with an open-minded perspective, cooperating with medical realities, not only related to the rehabilitation world (e.g., ophthalmic, vascular, phlebology medicine).

This is the smartest strategy to achieve knowledge.

Devices designed to be simple. Never mind if they are for home or professional therapy
High technological devices, with a reasonable price
Constantly evolving range of products, both for R&D and design

I-TECH is all about that.

I.A.C.E.R. was founded in 1969 by the commitment and experience of Mario Caprara, entrepreneur with decades of history in the Communication and Medical industry. I.A.C.E.R. teams up with leading Italian and international companies, investing in research and innovation on daily basis.

Back in 2004, by the joint effort of Mario Caprara (CEO) and Massimo Marcon (Sales Director), I.A.C.E.R. created its own medical division, becoming in a few years, one of the main medical market player.

In 2008, Matteo Zennaro (R&D Manager) took the lead of the R&D department, driving the brand I-TECH medical division toward the excellence both for professional and in home therapy.